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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

A little teaser for book three current chapter in "Healer"

It was hard to avoid Valor's penetrating stare while dancing. Glory kept her head slightly turned, letting her attention span to the other dancers on the floor, though every now and then her eyes flicked back to his face. Has he even blinked? she wondered. The music was beginning to pick up, but her feet felt sluggish. Her mood was not helping. Neither was Valor's presence.

"You know it's impolite to stare," she said coldly.

A thin smile. "Hard to resist with you." He led her in a spin, then pulled her close. "Can I at least glimpse that delightful smile of yours?"

Glory just rolled her eyes and threw him a narrowed look. "Fancy you've been plotting all types of ways to win me back." The tempo was slowling again, much to her relief, and they drifted between others in an aimless circle. It was between two couples that she thought she saw Shafari still watching. She sighed. "How's my father?"

"Oh, he's enjoying the extra bedroom space," came a sarcastic reply, his pleasant expression turning serious. "What a thing to ask! How do you think he is? He's been besides himself with worry and wants you home."

"You're just saying that," Glory huffed. "We've been sending him letters, unless you've detained them...again!"

"Again? You don't seem to get it," Valor said sternly. His grip tightened and he jerked her in a dip. Her gasp of surprise spurred the next statement of, "How would you feel if someone you cared about just disappeared without any indication as to why?" He let her up, seeing how her expression contorted in discomfort. "Glory, I'm not making this up to satify my feelings for you. Your father hasn't been the same since. Does that mean nothing to you?"

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