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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Masquerade in Watercolors

I’m offering my original painting of “Masquerade” for sale on for anyone who’s interested in a true traditional piece. Features the main characters Wisdom and Glory from the Wisdom Novels® series. 
This was completed using Sketchbox monthly art supplies from July 2016. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Masquerade - from Sketch to Painting

This is a piece I've been working on using Sketchbox supplies for the month of July. I'm subscribed to the Premium monthly box, which you can check out here if interested in your own monthly art supplies:

The characters featured are from the Wisdom Novels® series, Wisdom and his fiancĂ©e Glory. I'd had this "Masquerade" idea since last month, but am glad I waited because the watercolors this month are very nice. The brand of paints were Daniel Smith. I've never heard of them, but they are rich in color. May look into more.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Masquerade Sketch

Wisdom and Glory in “Masquerade”. I built another 3D model for Glory and used that as a reference. Now I have two models to use.
They don’t have any female versions to work with, so I’m manipulating a male’s face to look like a girl. Yeah, did I mention 123D Sculpt is kind of hard?
This could be a scene for a future writing project. I want the mask Wisdom is holding to represent the Dark side of himself. Glory’s mask will probably represent Light. Not that he turns Dark himself, but he ends up helping those with different magic that others see as a threat. So it’s almost like he has to play both sides in order to win.
This is only a sketch. I plan to use this for a traditional piece later. For now, I’ll just print it and transfer it to Bristol paper to outline in ink and clean up the edges. I love LineART, so I believe this will look nice in the end.
BTW, I have a new Sketchbox review coming up. I was planning to use some of the colors included in the box for this piece ;)