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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wednesday Teaser

This is a segment from my latest chapter, in "Healer"


The move had been hasty, for a couple directly behind were in the middle of a low dip. She bumped into the woman, who slipped from her partner’s grasp, as Glory was standing on the woman’s trailing gown. A loud rip mimicked the scream she wanted to let out, and when she tried to pull back, the woman’s sash tripped her foot.

A strong pair of arms caught her. Mortified, she was afraid to turn, afraid to see that smirk on Valor’s face that read, “Why do you have to act so childish?”

“My apologies to you both.” There was a kinder tone in his voice as he helped her to her feet. 

Confused, Glory noted an emerald ring on the right hand holding her arm. Recalling no such jewelry on Valor, she turned at once to see who supported her. 

“Not to worry about the dress,” he continued to the other couple. “I believe you’ll find it fixed for now.” His eyes caught her curious stare, and he grinned. “Shafari thought it best to... step in for a bit.”

“So you spirited Valor away like you did the rip in her dress?” Glory guessed, receiving a chuckle.

“Quite.” He gestured toward a veranda on the far side of the room. “Care for some fresh air?” They started toward the main entrance where guests mostly lingered, or near the meal tables. Here and there she spotted a few clan members immersed in their own conversations. “I hope my grandson has been treating you well.”

At this, Glory’s maple-brown eyes lit up. “So you’re the one who sent that lovely package. It’s a pleasure to finally meet a family member.” She noted his dark hair pulled in a low ponytail. His garments were of dark green and gold trim, the patterns briefly resembling embroidered leaves around the shoulders. A subtle touch, for they seemed to fade according to which way the light played over the outfit. 

"Likely, I'll be the only one for a while," was his reply as they entered the opened balcony doors and stepped out into the night. Clouds rolled around the outside walls, now and then parting to allow glimpses of a half-crescent moon. 

At his comment, Glory thought back to the night Wisdom had spoken of his family. 

“It’s been one of my goals to bring humans and Healers together," he had said. 

"Do you accept me – as a human?" she asked cautiously, watching how his brow slightly creased in consideration.

"I see he's mentioned our kind's current relationship." 

"Not in full detail," Glory admitted. "He only mentioned that it he wanted to bring us closer. But how did we separate?"

"Long and complicated, I'm afraid."

A brisk breeze unsettled Glory's hair around the shoulders. Brushing it back, she asked, "Anything to do with that storm over Sapphire?"

The Healer let out a long sigh. "No one can fully comprehend it's true purpose. But… yes. There's a lot of history between us… and it."

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Purity WIP2

Work in progress 2... not exactly a scene from the novel, but it could be. I never exactly said what type of terrain unicorns lived in.This is done digitally in Photoshop CS5.5 using a feathered brush and blurred layers to build up the body. Then I go back and erase around the body to give it that hard lined look and add texture to the skin.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Work in progress... Osha, character from novel series.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Stargazing Wizard

Looks like I've moved into the clay department now, lol!

Decided to name this little guy Tobin. This is the first time I've ever used super sculpey, and I LOVE IT! The only thing is I don't know about the baking part. I did, after all, sculpt it on top of a glass bottle, and I don't think the glass bottle would survive a bake. What can I do to harden the clay?