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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wednesday Teaser

This is a segment from my latest chapter, in "Healer"


The move had been hasty, for a couple directly behind were in the middle of a low dip. She bumped into the woman, who slipped from her partner’s grasp, as Glory was standing on the woman’s trailing gown. A loud rip mimicked the scream she wanted to let out, and when she tried to pull back, the woman’s sash tripped her foot.

A strong pair of arms caught her. Mortified, she was afraid to turn, afraid to see that smirk on Valor’s face that read, “Why do you have to act so childish?”

“My apologies to you both.” There was a kinder tone in his voice as he helped her to her feet. 

Confused, Glory noted an emerald ring on the right hand holding her arm. Recalling no such jewelry on Valor, she turned at once to see who supported her. 

“Not to worry about the dress,” he continued to the other couple. “I believe you’ll find it fixed for now.” His eyes caught her curious stare, and he grinned. “Shafari thought it best to... step in for a bit.”

“So you spirited Valor away like you did the rip in her dress?” Glory guessed, receiving a chuckle.

“Quite.” He gestured toward a veranda on the far side of the room. “Care for some fresh air?” They started toward the main entrance where guests mostly lingered, or near the meal tables. Here and there she spotted a few clan members immersed in their own conversations. “I hope my grandson has been treating you well.”

At this, Glory’s maple-brown eyes lit up. “So you’re the one who sent that lovely package. It’s a pleasure to finally meet a family member.” She noted his dark hair pulled in a low ponytail. His garments were of dark green and gold trim, the patterns briefly resembling embroidered leaves around the shoulders. A subtle touch, for they seemed to fade according to which way the light played over the outfit. 

"Likely, I'll be the only one for a while," was his reply as they entered the opened balcony doors and stepped out into the night. Clouds rolled around the outside walls, now and then parting to allow glimpses of a half-crescent moon. 

At his comment, Glory thought back to the night Wisdom had spoken of his family. 

“It’s been one of my goals to bring humans and Healers together," he had said. 

"Do you accept me – as a human?" she asked cautiously, watching how his brow slightly creased in consideration.

"I see he's mentioned our kind's current relationship." 

"Not in full detail," Glory admitted. "He only mentioned that it he wanted to bring us closer. But how did we separate?"

"Long and complicated, I'm afraid."

A brisk breeze unsettled Glory's hair around the shoulders. Brushing it back, she asked, "Anything to do with that storm over Sapphire?"

The Healer let out a long sigh. "No one can fully comprehend it's true purpose. But… yes. There's a lot of history between us… and it."

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Purity WIP2

Work in progress 2... not exactly a scene from the novel, but it could be. I never exactly said what type of terrain unicorns lived in.This is done digitally in Photoshop CS5.5 using a feathered brush and blurred layers to build up the body. Then I go back and erase around the body to give it that hard lined look and add texture to the skin.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Work in progress... Osha, character from novel series.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Stargazing Wizard

Looks like I've moved into the clay department now, lol!

Decided to name this little guy Tobin. This is the first time I've ever used super sculpey, and I LOVE IT! The only thing is I don't know about the baking part. I did, after all, sculpt it on top of a glass bottle, and I don't think the glass bottle would survive a bake. What can I do to harden the clay?

Friday, November 30, 2012

NightDay - Story Concept

Story Concept


There’s always been stories of Light vs. Dark (good & evil, basically). But nowadays it’s hard to come up with a concept that isn’t that stereotypical, “Hey, the dark ones are the bad guys!”

Because I hate that…. So how about this:

The land is literally divided between day and night, where the moon and sun shine 24/7. I like things that have to do with Balance. Now let’s just say that before Day and Night were balanced, they were fighting for control. And the only way to keep control was to offer the gift of either Day or Night to a chosen to extend those abilities over the land.

Okay, that’s not bad. Now about some characters?

Let’s say that two brothers are born on the side of Day. But when one of the elders prophesizes Night’s shadowy reign, the brothers are separated to test their loyalty. Lucas, or Lu, is eventually chosen to lead Day’s people. But his brother Luciens is cast into Night, for they believe this will satisfy the balance between the two realms. Na, why doesn’t Day break it’s promise? Why does darkness always have to be so bad? Let’s say an elder does prophesize a drop in balance, but they can’t tell which one strikes first? Let’s say the typical reasoning is to think Night would be the one or that one of the brothers would tip the balance by going over to Night. So they decide to offer one of the brothers to Night to help keep balance. Maybe Night doesn’t have a chosen, or hasn’t needed one. And Luciens gets picked. Yes, let’s send the baby brother over to the dark side!

Do what now? I think that would totally peeve off someone if they got kicked out of their homeland. So that would be one reason why Luciens goes crazy. The other reason is maybe his brother Lucas got raised a little too far on the pedestal by his parents or clan leaders. He’s first-born. Typical jealously thinking here. The younger brother gets ignored and does some things maybe to get attention, even though his brother tries to bring him up to his level. Yeah, that might work. But who’s really at fault? Luciens, the elders, the offer of Night to gain power over those who mistreated him? Who knows? There’s a lot at stake here, it seems.

Now leader of Day, Lu (Lucas) is forced to work against the brother he’s come to love, and will stop at nothing to bring him back to a world of light. Yet that love is quickly betrayed when Luciens is taken up as heir to Night.

With a lust for power that darkness brings him, Luciens wants to break the balance and expand Night over the entire land in order to take revenge on those who cast him away. He believes his brother is the cause of his banishment. Lucas was always the popular one and held more privileges as first-born. His plan is to strip everything away from his brother like it was done to him.

Fighting against his Luciens is not easy, as Lu realizes his love for his younger sibling is just as crippling as the blow he’s received that gives him a constant limp. Why Luciens? Instead, Lu tries to change the laws that cast unwanted children to the other side.

Perhaps then Luciens will see that he’s not against him after all…

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

A little teaser for book three current chapter in "Healer"

It was hard to avoid Valor's penetrating stare while dancing. Glory kept her head slightly turned, letting her attention span to the other dancers on the floor, though every now and then her eyes flicked back to his face. Has he even blinked? she wondered. The music was beginning to pick up, but her feet felt sluggish. Her mood was not helping. Neither was Valor's presence.

"You know it's impolite to stare," she said coldly.

A thin smile. "Hard to resist with you." He led her in a spin, then pulled her close. "Can I at least glimpse that delightful smile of yours?"

Glory just rolled her eyes and threw him a narrowed look. "Fancy you've been plotting all types of ways to win me back." The tempo was slowling again, much to her relief, and they drifted between others in an aimless circle. It was between two couples that she thought she saw Shafari still watching. She sighed. "How's my father?"

"Oh, he's enjoying the extra bedroom space," came a sarcastic reply, his pleasant expression turning serious. "What a thing to ask! How do you think he is? He's been besides himself with worry and wants you home."

"You're just saying that," Glory huffed. "We've been sending him letters, unless you've detained them...again!"

"Again? You don't seem to get it," Valor said sternly. His grip tightened and he jerked her in a dip. Her gasp of surprise spurred the next statement of, "How would you feel if someone you cared about just disappeared without any indication as to why?" He let her up, seeing how her expression contorted in discomfort. "Glory, I'm not making this up to satify my feelings for you. Your father hasn't been the same since. Does that mean nothing to you?"

Monday, November 26, 2012

Rise of the Guardians

Decided to try out this movie tonight. "Rise of the Guardians" focuses on Jack Frost (loved the albino look ;p) who doesn't recall any of his past memories after waking up to a cold and wintry world. I enjoyed the different styles of the characters, guardians including our favorite holiday figures: Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Sand Man. 

Each of the characters held a special role in balancing out the world where children who believed in them kept them going. Now, I had wondered about this because most movies who include Jack Frost can't see him. I was correct. When Jack first comes about, he's mostly ignored. But, as you can imagine, when someone believed, then he could be seen. 

The downfall was a character called Pitch Black who understood what it was to not be seen and played on Jack's fears to keep him from helping the guardians as he installed fear in the children to keep them from believing.

The animation was from Dreamworks, and we all know Dreamworks rarely produces poor quality. I loved the flow of action. I've gotten used to predicting who takes a fall. But hey, it's a kid's movie! No one really dies in a kid's movie. Although, I have to admit, it's not really for little kids because of all the fighting. What movie nowadays doesn't have fighting in it? Have you noticed that in today's movies?

Santa had some kickbutt tattoos on his arms. On one arm it clearly said "naughty" and on the other said "nice." His character gave off a sort of Russian feel (or lack of the correct nationality). Now while most of our Santa's prefer white fur, this one had black (feathers?) trimmed around the shoulders and arm cuffs. 

Easter Bunny did remind me of a kangeroo due to the Australian accent and boomerangs. Jack Frost himself even pointed that one out as he poked fun at his lanky figure. 

Tooth Fairy was different. Her appearance resembled a large hummingbird, complete with little helpers with hummingbird beaks and squeaks.

Sand Man, or Sandy, as they called him, only ever spoke in symbols. He kicked butt when he wanted, especially when Pitch tries to take him down.

Jack is a fun-loving guy who enjoys games and causing mischief. When he realizes Pitch holds the key to his past, he's determined to help the guardians undo Pitch's scheme. It sort of reminds me of a plot in Terry Pratchet's movie "Hogfather" where in order to take control of children's memories and make them forget, the villain steals teeth from the tooth fairy. Same basic plot. Must work every time then, lol. Apparently, teeth or other personal items always hold memories. Controlling those memories is just another way to control what people believe in. 

So, okay, I guess the story concept isn't a new one. I do wish they had given Pitch a better name. Pitch just doesn't sound very scary. They could have called him Black instead. Shade would have worked too. Even his very make up wasn't all that convincing. While the other characters seemed more engaging to do battle with each other, all Pitch could do was manipulate Sandy's sand dreams and turn them into Nightmares. Yes, I'm talking black sand-blown horses galloping through the skies. A lot of things can fly in this movie. 

Overlook that little fact, and the movie is pretty good. I actually wouldn't mind seeing it again myself. I don't feel too old for this. 

Not a bit...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

This is teaser from the latest chapter in Book Three "Healers".

"A mirror?" He raised a pallad eyebrow in question. When he did not receive an immediate response, he stepped closer to inspect it. The fine craftsmanship of the wood intrigued his interest to who might have carved it until his gaze flicked to his own appearance staring back at him. "And I suppose you have something to do with this," he spoke softly.

A wink, and the prince inclined his head to what his inner unicorn might reveal. To his surprise, the mirror's structure began to waver. Like a veil being lifted, a single wave of energy pulsed over its form before vanishing. No longer did the mirror's form remain, but a wavering oval surface that hovered slightly above ground.

"What in No'va...?" he heard Shy utter behind him before turning to Lord Gracie.

"This is not like the others I've seen here."

"What is it?" Shy stepped beside his brother.

"A portal," was the reply. "But why here? Why keep it secret?"

"It's been dormant for years." Lord Gracie joined the two brothers. "When I first came to this land, it was this particular portal that gave us access. After that, it just shut down."

"You were trapped here?" Wisdom asked, but Lord Gracie only chuckled.

"Compared to what we had before, this was a blessing! But those who did not follow... never could, as we could not open it back up." A sigh. "Nevertheless, the Foreseers predicted its next use during something called a... Purification?" At this, he glanced to Wisdom.

A nod. "Purifications are supposed to come once a millineum, but because of Jenario, the balance calls for it to happen well before that time." He stepped away from the portal, and as he did the illusion returned in the guise of a mirror. "Did your Foreseers show anything else?"

"The message was quite clear about a unicorn needing it for a particular location. Perhaps the one you carry IS that unicorn. The mirror did, after all, react to your presence."

Wisdom looked down at his wrist, kept covered by a thin cloth that matched whatever outfit he wore. Slowly, he unwove it to check the scar. Its circular form had already begun to fill in to a half crescent, reflecting the phases of the moon.

"If that's so, she'll be needing it soon...."

Monday, November 19, 2012

Revamped Art

A revamped version of my Water Healer. Added texture to the skin tones, beefed up his chest (more sexy looking) and his lower arm muscles. The only thing left to change is the foreground water so it's not so blurry. The background can stay the same. Other than that, I think this is pretty darn good to submit to the "Spectrum 20" contest for 2013!

I've tried before to enter, but never got in. For those that win, their pieces are published in a very NICE looking art book. The only thing I haven't liked about it is how dark it's become. Lots of folks value dark fantasy or sci-fi over the lighter and more colorful versions. But... that's their preference. Let's see how it fairs this time.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Video Blog: Art Book

Getting to the Good Stuff!

HEALERBook Three of Blue Moon Rising Trilogy
© 2012 Bonnie Watson

(work in progress) 

Chapter 7      


“I’m pleased you decided to join us this evening, Master Lorc├ín.” (check this name – Prince)

The use of his father’s name struck a discomforting pause before Shy answered the Grand Master’s pleasant welcome.

“I appreciate the sediment, but SHY will do,” he returned with strained enthusiasm.

Wisdom eyed his brother a moment before turning his attention back to Lord Gracie, who led the two from the event down a back corridor. The warm glow of light flowing between walls yielded to several hanging tapestries. The colorful fabrics adorned the plain surfaces every few feet, and kept the brightness to a bearable minimum.

“As you wish,” Lord Gracie’s smile never dimmed. “It was one of your own that helped make this place possible.”

Wisdom caught that glance of uncertainly from his brother, whose thoughts remained closed when nothing stood out from sight-reading.

"Did Chronicles ever mention anything to you or others about HIS father?” he asked.

“Providence?” Shy guessed. “We all presumed he had passed.”

“Huh.” The prince chortled. “He’s here.”

“Wha-” Shy’s hushed response held back a throaty growl. When he spoke next, his tone reflected a slight gurgle of annoyance. “Pah! He’s been telling everyone that for years! Such ignorance! Too preoccupied to even bother…” He met his brother’s gaze. “Well, you know how he is.”

Wisdom nodded. “I know. Everything gets blamed on…” Here, he caught himself to check Lord Gracie’s reaction.

“On humans?” was the reply with a chuckle. “I don’t doubt it after what your family’s been through.”

“And I suppose your history is just as clean?” Shy’s tensed look relaxed, and even offered a crooked smile. “My brother informed me you were one of the first humans in No’va.”

Lord Gracie held a door open for them to enter at the end of the corridor. “I was, along with our current problem MAGE,” he added with a hint of sarcasm. After letting the brothers go first, he followed behind and shut the door.

“We are well aware of BOTH,” Wisdom corrected. “Jenario should have never touched a unicorn! That in itself has caused so much destruction. First for Nature, then for us.” He looked around the small room they had entered. Most of the furniture had been covered with white sheets, possibly extras pulled from the main ballroom. Having lived at the castle before, he was fairly certain the room contained a passage to a private location, for there were no other entrances besides the one they just used.

“Definitely us,” Shy muttered, and Wisdom knew what he meant. The encounter with the Dark Unicorn had temporarily removed itself from his memory, leaving Shy at the mercy of a father believing his son was incompetent.

While Lord Gracie checked a key ring at his belt, Shy let his attention span around the room, then back to the door.

“I hope this isn’t your office, or did we take a wrong turn?” he asked.

“This?” Lord Gracie’s key clinked against the doorlock before turning once. “Just a little shortcut, is all.” He started to pull the door open.

“But we just came from–” Shy stopped when a different view opened before them.

Lord Gracie’s smile widened at his expression. “After you.”

Wisdom immediately recognized the Grand Master’s chamber. Shelves filled with books lined the room. Seated windows overlooked a courtyard below, illuminated by outside torchlight as dusk settled. In the center of the room sat a crescent-shaped desk, its polished Redwood surface neatly arranged with several stacked papers, quills and ink bottle ready for its master.

“I remember getting lost in this place,” Wisdom said. “I ended up here after finding one of your portals.” He ran a hand over the high-backed chair sitting behind the desk. “I sat here wondering what to do next until Nicolas could find me.”

“I arranged most of the portals to bring CONFUSED guests here.” Lord Gracie replied with a wink. “Makes it easier to find them.”

“YOU arranged the portals?” Shy asked. “Yet you have no magic.”

“Well, Nicolas is a magic-user,” his brother said. “At least partially. He may not be the strongest, but it might be enough for some of the place’s needs.”

A nod from the Grand Master, who made way for a winged feline that hopped up on the desk. Its tuxedo coloration reflected over the desk’s smooth surface, though it was the multicolored wings that fascinated the brothers as they partially opened to steady itself. On its hind legs it reared to stretch a forearm out for Lord Gracie’s hand, and was obliged with a head-rub.

“What in No’va…?” Shy stared at the cat, which eventually settled on the desk with tail wrapped around the feet.

“A Foreseer,” Lord Gracie said. There was pride in his voice, like a father showing off an accomplished child. “With the ability to predict past, present and future events, I see all with this place and NEVER have to leave or rely on any other’s source of information.”

“But I’ve never–” Shy commenced.

“Your family wouldn’t know of these,” Lord Gracie interrupted in a stern tone. “They’re only found here, kept safe from the use of those who’d misuse them.” He paused to watch the cat hunker down in a lazy ball of fluff, its feet tucked underneath. Yellow eyes gazed up at the three men, slowly closing as its purring became more obvious.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chapter 7 Updates

Finally getting to the good part. Sometimes I have to wonder whether pacing is too slow in the beginning to reach this far in a novel. But then again, I have to realize there are multiple character situations that add tension to the current plot. As for the main plot, it's about to get juicy.

I just reached a section where Lord Gracie is introducing the two albino brothers to a portal in the guise of a mirror (and perhaps hints that this was how humas were able to enter their present world). The idea is that Lord Gracie wants Wisdom (main character) to take the mirror back to the Eastern Clan where he feels it'll be better protected. Since Wisdom has the pure unicorn protecting him, it could might be more useful there than staying at Luxor.

At the same time, Glory has just encountered her former fiance. Tension mounts as he insists she's making a mistake staying with Wisdom. Now, Glory is famous for throwing complete hissy fits. So picture this: a ballroom full of well-dressed men and women, classy music playing, and a red-faced young woman about to explode in the midst of it all!

Let's get this party started!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fall Music

So We Fall” created in Garage Band using piano and strings. Original creation that goes well with the elemental themes in the Wisdom Novels series.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Art of Chihuly

I wanted to capture something a bit different with this image. This is glass sculpture by Chihuly currently on display at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art. Now, I would take a photo with all the colors showing. But while I was there, one of the moderators suggested a grayscale image to see what it would look like. So here's the result. I allowed only a small portion of color to show through. The original colors are truly amazing, but so is this grayscale take as well. I was interested in the floor reflection and just how graceful everything looks. 

The floor is a black plexiglass tiling. It's quite dramatic with all those colors and everything else being dark. The idea came from Chihuly creating the glass and throwing them into the water (I believe) in Finland. He would then send boats out to gather the pieces back up, and the pieces looked so lovely inside the boats that he decided to do this piece. There's actually two boat setups, side by side. I only captured one of them.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Could Have Been Better

My first book signing that I set up at a local Pharmacy. They support local authors. I posted this on my other blog about the experience. It could have been better...

Original Post:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Too Slow....

Writing has been kind of slow of late. The introduction to the ipad was a nice little way to get some words out. But after an episode of changing something online, then on the ipad, and then clashing the two and having to reinstall… ugh! Six parts later to create a chapter, I’ve now switched ….

Original posting here:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

Wind Healer - In Progress

I wanted to show her in mid-shift....

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

Ten Questions

Thank you, Trish, for tagging me in this little questionnaire for current projects. To check out her blog, just visit for some of the projects she's been working hard on lately. 

Current Project:
Wisdom Novels & Art Book

1. What is Wisdom Novels?
    - Wisdom Novels is a series of books centered around a young man discovering his relationship to an ancient race of Healers. Their duties to Nature have been put on hold in order to confront the growing concern of humans invading their territory. What they don't realize is the major threat is not just about humans, but a Darkness that seeks to claim a new body, and replace the land's magic with its own.

2. Is this going to be a series?
    - Yes. I have already written two books in the first trilogy. I am currently working on the third. There will be one more trilogy after this one, which will complete the initial storyline. But I would like to continue even afterwards with a few characters I've developed along the way.

3. Have you come across any stumbling blocks while writing, concerning either plot or character development?
    - Of course! While not a main focus in the story, I've recently decided why Healers are a necessity throughout their particular world. They are in charge of what Nature would do today, seasonal changes. Now maybe I only mentioned a part of this, it's not something that is present in the first two books. That, at least, will be easy to include later on as more Healers are introduced. The other issue I had was character plot. While the main storyline is generally worked out, I had a lot of characters that were seemingly in for kicks. So I had to issue them a REAL reason to be there. That means a lot of editing out stuff I didn't need. 

4. What's the major challenge to writing a series?
    - Haha, probably having enough information to talk about. When I finally started writing book three, I began to think about where I wanted it to go for the rest of the books to come. I realized that one of the books didn't have enough information to continue writing in the current setting. So I decided book four will backtrack and start in the past, leading up to the creation of the Dark Unicorn in book one. That will explain and tie everything together, and also delve into a part of the world I haven't put much thought into yet. Where did humans come from and how did they enter this world? We'll find out soon enough.

5. Is this series going to be so complicated in terms of language and magic that I'll need a companion book just to follow along?
    - It's actually pretty straight forward.  Magic is a type of energy that's recycled through the course of Nature. Magic-users do not own limitless amount of this energy, and the language of Healers is (most of the time) explained in the next sentence. However, as I do plan to expand on the elements these Healers use, I've decided to include an art book to go along with it. Since I have so many illustrations just sitting around on my computer, I thought they'd be more useful in a nice colorful book with tips of information about each one (and have an excuse to create fresh artwork!)

6. So you're an artist as well? 
    - Oh, yes! I work mostly digital, but now and then I'll pull out my trusty traditional mediums just to try something different. It's good to be able to draw because I can use that for reference while I'm writing. Sometimes, it's just helpful to "see" what a character looks like. And sometimes, it makes the writing even better because the drawing is more interesting than the original description.

7. Do you have any plans for future genres?
    - I have a couple of sci-fi ideas in the works. No series, though. There's two sci-fi, two children books, and (oh, I lied) I did plan a western-fantasy short story series! (First one's complete called "Weapons Caster" and was inspired by the game "Red Dead Redemption").
8. Do you keep a gallery of all your work online?
    - Thought you'd never ask! Just visit and check out all the links around that site. There's short stories, future ideas, blogs & more!

9. How did you get your first two books published, and when is your next book coming out? 
    - Well, it wasn't easy. After several years of querying publishers, I decided to self-publish just to get something out there. That eventually led to meeting some pretty cool authors, joining clubs and other social groups, and finally got accepted by a traditional publisher: Agile Writer Press. Hard to say exactly when the next book in the series will be complete. I'm far from the halfway point. But let's aim for late 2013.

10. Any advice for rising writers of today?
    - Never...give...up!!!!! If you have a story you think is worth sharing with the world, then never let that passion die! There are so many ways nowadays for writers to get their work out there. You just have to find the right one that matches. If you need some help getting started, I put together this little website with some places to look into: There's publishers, online groups and critiques, a growing list of writers and artists, and has potential to do more. So if you'd like to contribute, feel free!

Happy Writing!

Bonnie Watson

Friday, September 14, 2012

Angler Healer

Not all Healers have to be good....

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Art Book Sneak Peak

Just laying out some of the artwork at the moment. This is going to look great! I’m using a free program provided by to organize the book for me.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

Water Healer - in progress

Still working on it. Added the fish tail. Was debating adding fish or other creatures, but there's really not a lot of space to work with at the bottom. So...tail it is. Yuri's element of water makes him either a sailor's best friend...or worst enemy.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Chapter 5

Book Three of Blue Moon Rising Trilog

CHAPTER 5 - unfinished
Jangus spent the better part of his day memorizing Lexington's layout. 

Mark the locations, he said. A cackling chuckle. I'll do better than that. I'll taint them! Taking a raven form, the Healer soared over the open streets, angling his tail feathers to bring his rear up. A mix of black and white dropped below. To his amusement, the dropping landed on some unsuspecting forehead. Many others had met the same treatment, and still into the night as the raven continued to scour Lexington for human involvement. 

Height was his savior, with the approach of night his camouflage. Even so, humans never seemed to stop moving. Between merchants in the market area, thieves slipping in and out of back alleyways, and close-knit buildings, probably connecting interiors, humans had a wide range of places to be found. Secretly, the Healer hoped this was the most he would encounter in one area, and let loose another one of his liquified droppings in protest. 

But think how quickly this whole place could be leveled, he imagined. And I would be more than honored if Chronicles let me do so! 

Delighting in those thoughts, the raven turned toward the smell of fresh baked bread wafting in the air. In the realization his stomach felt empty, he lifted into flight to seek out the smell's location. 

A family of five were just sitting down for their evening meal when the raven alighted on the outside windowsill. He peered around the side of the curtain gently ruffling in the open breeze where  he spied a loaf of bread sitting on the table.

How convenient, he thought. No one took notice until he hopped down on the counter and let out a caw. 

"Look!" a little girl explained "A bird!"

The mother turned about in her chair, a look of shock displayed upon her face to find it boldly perched so close to the table. "Quick! Don't let it fly around the house! Shoe it out!"

"Yes, Mama."  

Jangus eyed the young girl's approach. He ignored her desperate waves to scare him out. Then, when she tried to pick him up stead, he merely pecked at one of her fingers.

"Ow!" she cried. "It bit me!" 

"Someone must have kept it as a pet." The eldest stood and briskly walked over to the countertop. "No bird would be so stubborn." She peered down at the raven, then drew back in surprise. "Ew! There's something wrong with its eyes; they're white!"

"I'll handle this," their father said. He proceeded to grab the bird when Jangus launched into a wild flutter of feathers and cawing. The youngest screamed as the bird seemed to leap at their father's face. Thrown off guard, the tall man swatted at it. Too quick, Jangus merely cackled and dived to avoid being hit with a wooden spoon.

Ha! They couldn't hit the broad side of a house! He mused over their chaotic reactions. He swept through the room, deciding it more fun to bump into overhanging pots and pans. An upset broom toppled from its lone corner. The Healer felt the wind of their hands slapping at empty air. He was just too fast. Having had enough, the eldest daugher picked up the broom and slung it at him on top of a cubbard. Dishes clattered to the floor instead, years of evading other Healers in play bringing out his evasive skills. He laughed at their performance, then swooped down to grab the loaf of bread. He had just reached the windowsill when the father managed a handful of tail feathers, stopping Jangus from clearing the window. 

"Come 'ere, you!" he snarled, causing Jangus to turn on his captor.  

Opal eyes blazed in outrage. A silver-white glow enveloped his form. No one moved while the glow expanded into Jangus' true form upon the windowsill. When the glow had died, the only thing the man held was the corner of his shirt. Stunned, the man never made a move until the young Healer made a motion to grab the man's hand.

"Who''s got who?" he asked coldly. 

The man's face paled, and he suddenly jerked his hand back. 

While the women matched his fright with screams of "magic-user", Jangus made a hasty departure. Try explaining that one, he thought, noticing several men dressed in black running swiftly toward the ruckus. They drew their swords as the family darted into the street, but by then Jangus was too far away for pointing fingers to scope out in the night. Out of sight, he savored the still-warm bread in the comfort of an abandoned alley. I wonder if I'll be easier to spot more human developments tonight....

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bo - story idea


Inspirational Story
(idea from crazy hair after shampoo)
(c) 2012 Bonnie Watson

"Bo" is about a hobo who stops to rest outside an apartment complex where a single mother and daughter live. The daughter is around 6-7 years-old and befriends the scruffy-haired man. While the mother isn't too pleased that her daughter is talking to a stranger on the street, the hobo has something to teach them both about the way people look down on poor people like himself. 

There's magic to the old man's words, and in them the two begin to view life in a very different way while still keeping in mind that hidden dangers linger in the disguise of make-shift poor people who try to get money. It may be that the mother was swindled of money before, and doesn't trust anyone now. 

"Sure, there're people out there to be leery of. But I'm not one of 'em." - Bo

Bo never asks for anything from the two. Instead, he weaves a tale of self-made history that leaves them wondering who this man really is and where he came from. 

Bo is about the good at heart, who shows us that love, friendship, and kindness can be found in the simplest of things. He teaches us to pay attention to the people in our lives now, and not after their gone.

When Bo gets ready to leave, the woman actually wants him to stay. Of course, Bo must finish his journey--that of helping others believe....

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Josephine from the novel, work in progress. He doesn't really have a girl name. His last name is Phine. But Joseph combined....well, you get the idea. He's a corky kind of guy, but a really fun character.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Unseen - Story Idea

Inspired by a dream
© 2012 Bonnie Watson

Unseen. You won't find it if you were to look for it. It's when you're not looking that it finds you…

Unseen. It wasn't on any map I'd ever come across. But I should know. I'd poured over every one I could find, enough to pass any History exam my senior year could throw at me. Made mom proud, at least. Yet high scores were the least of my concerns. Unseen was the last place Dad said was going, and he's been gone for years….


In the dream, there was a brother and sister who were searching for something. The brother (who I've named Jacque) can translate any symbol by sensing emotion inscribed into the letter by its original creator. The sister (think I'll call her Erin, but she goes by Rin), can see what's beyond the surface to find truth. Sort of like seeing through walls, but not quite. There has to be something to see in order to do so. She can see what's called Unseen.

So what is Unseen? It's everywhere you go. Not like the Matrix. It can't control you. In the dream, Unseen resembled some type of ancient ruins or temple immersed in a beautiful world perhaps as it should have been for the world we see today. Unseen could be either the Past or Future of mankind. But it's technologies and supernatural abilities are starting to catch up. It's probably the improbable, things most people don't believe in anymore except religious cults. Now it's all about to change.

Jacque and Rin don't know it, but they're a part of the Unseen. Their father vanished long ago, only mentioning the word once, and was heard by Rin right before he left. For years, Rin's researched places she believed her father might have gone. Nothing has come close until one fateful day their inborn gifts suddenly activate, as Unseen seems to flux in and out of their everyday lives. Jacque learns he's the last surviving member of the House of Interpreters, the most feared and powerful of all Houses. Jacque can not only register emotion behind symbols, but he can pick up their withholding energy and release it at will. This is not only seen as a threat to surviving Houses, but causes a huge divide. An Interpreter will instantly pick up hidden meanings, and therefore have access to all evidence of wrong-doing for guilty parties. That's one reason Interpreters were quickly eliminated throughout history. The other was due to power, and misuse of it. 

Rin's ability to See, however,  takes a different turn. She knows her brother would never misuse his gifts. But she's convinced that something has upset the balance between Unseen and their modern lifestyle. Why did their father suddenly vanish? Why are there symbols with warnings not to read into them by their father -- warnings to turn back? Did he know they would eventually enter Unseen? Is he still trying to protect them even now? Rin's gift doesn't trouble the people of Unseen, as there are quite many with unique gifts of their own. 

As the two delve deeper into the world of Unseen, they realize that if they don't fix whatever's happening between the different Houses, it could ultimately change history for the modern day world as well...and erase it altogether!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wisdom Novels Map WIP

For artbook, in progress...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Concept Cover Art HEALERS

I had an idea to create a type of art book that goes along with the novels. It wouldn’t exactly be a guide book either, although I want it to show some of the characters used, especially pertaining to Healers.
And I’m not sure whether those symbols representing Earth, Air, Water & Fire are staying the way they are. They were just drawn up really quick. But what I’m thinking is showing off some of the beautiful artwork pertaining to the race of Lo-ans’rel, the elements they inhabit and how they relate/influence the story.
Cover concept artwork:

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Free PDF Download

Now offering a link to download the first part FREE of book one “Wisdom”, here at

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Logo Revamp

Revamped the logo to feel more complete. Updated website, books, artwork, etc.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Custom Bookmarks

Will be making some custom bookmarks, inspired by characters from the Wisdom Novels series (especially my Black Wing, Corrigan!) Each bookmark will have an attached black plume and trinket. I plan to sell these at Book 'Em next February (or perhaps as giveaways with each book purchase, but we'll see).

Corrigan does need  a portrait. I have his Black Wing mother, Everest, but not him! And Keith needs a decent portrait as well, being the main character. The two characters above, Meriona and Yuri, are not even due until book 5!

Give the man a picture!!! Then I can make more bookmarks!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Book Revamp!

It’s been a year or so since I first entered the story with my young character, seeking answers to what he is and where he came from to explain his magical talents. Now that I’ve revisited his world, it’s time to make some changes. Not that the story was bad. In fact, I could barely put it down! And I would hope that whoever has picked it up has had the same experience.

But now the compromise. I see errors. What an odd feeling. What a yucky feeling. How much did people pay to see those? That’s not good at all… So that’s why it needs revamping. The first half of the book was great. The second? Mostly spelling mistakes. And that’s far and in between. The rest are things I’d like to either reword or just take the time to make a better appearance in the printed version.

Why did this happen? Is it because I self-published and skipped all the major steps that big companies take? Absolutely not! In any case, they got missed. It’s an eye-sore, I’ll admit, but it doesn’t make the story bad. Just the writing. That’s why the fix-it stage has to come soon. I’d like the next free kindle version to include the new updates in book one “Wisdom”. You can read the chapters and my posts below for other updates.

It’s been a great uphill climb, and I’m not about to let it fall!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let the Waves Dance - Sketch

Yuri, character from the Wisdom Novels series. Healer of Water, Yuri commands the seas and is not easily messed with.

Threw in some basic photos to gain color reference. Took photos of some models for lighting purposes, wrapped 'em in tissue paper to look like clothing, then drew out this sketch. Researched a bunch of Japanese clothing for design, pattern, and swordplay.

Looks like it's off to a decent start!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Free Download - Ends May 19th

Once a month, there will be a free download available for the Amazon Kindle. This month’s download is “Weapons Caster”.

Short Story
(4,900 words) Western Fantasy

After a life of crime, Azri’s found a calling as a Weapons Caster, notorious for their powerful dusters and ability to assemble guns only a Weapons Caster can handle. When his old partner in crime comes to town looking for his missing wife, and involves a jealous guild member, Azri may find himself in over his head. The rules of a Caster are strict, but harboring a criminal should be the least of his worries…