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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Lock Keeper ~ Story Idea

©2010 Bonnie Watson

The rate that humans consume energy for magical purposes is growing. To those who have shared this energy through Nature are now facing certain extinction. But the greatest power of all has yet to be discovered.

To best protect its treasure, Nature locks it away in an unbreakable chest. Thus the chest is hidden deep within a place no human dared venture unprepared. To break its seal, one must first find the guardian, one that bares the protected symbol over the heart. A key, shaped and sharpened to perfection, is cast away into the endless depths of the fiery chasms beyond the sea. Only when all three are together can the chest be open. But to do so, a life must be lost, a heart must be broken, and a soul must be restored to its proper place. The balance of magic hangs by a thread.


Name: Eamon LorccĂ n
Nickname: Wick
Gender: Male
Origin: Irish
Meaning: Fierce Guardian
Purpose: Guards both the chest and key, but does not know its true purpose to the balance

Name: Skype
Gender: Male
Purpose: To locate the lock and key in order to open the chest of forbidden secrets

Name: Karin
Gender: Female
Purpose: A scavenger from the last war. Discovers the lock and seeks the secrets of the chest in hopes of ending all future wars

Name: Dareth Hartmoore
Gender: Male
Purpose: King of the Insguard Isles. Believes opening the chest will separate the land more so than it already is, and swears to protect its secrets.

Name: Cophen Hopeland
Nickname: Hope
Gender: Female
Purpose: Chosen to seek out both lock and key - a spy between several individuals.

Name: Hammond Ratphpitter
Gender: Male
Purpose: Is responsible for the first series of attacks that ravage the lands. Masterminds the consumption of energy from the land. Believes finding the priceless chest will help him control the uncivilized and become a great power source.


“Even I do not know what’s inside, for if I did it wouldn’t be a secret, now would it?”
~ Wick ~

“Bringing it here will only destroy what I swore to protect, and by my life will I uphold that promise!”
~ Dareth ~

“You protect a secret that you yourself do not even know until it’s opened, and when it you’ll never know whether that secret was meant to help, or to hurt… Don’t talk to me about what’s fair! You chose your fate. Now I’m choosing mine.”
~ Hammond ~

“Brings a whole new meaning to ‘guarding with your life’, doesn’t it?”
~ Wick ~

“So the legend is true. There really is such a thing as a ‘living’ lock.”
~ Skype ~

“Don’t look at me! It wasn’t my idea to journey into Hell for something you ‘think’ looks like a key!”
~ Hope ~

“The Roseepod People spoke of a chest. They said it contained a secret only one person is allowed to hear.”
~ Karin ~

Friday, January 29, 2010

Possible Cover?

I may use this image for my next book entitled White. The second installment from the "Blue Moon Rising Series" White continues with Keith beginning his first year of slavery and finding that he may not be the magic-user he thinks he is. The Black Wing Corrigan will begin making greater appearances. White also takes a glimpse into the world of the Lo-ans'rel, the forest Healers of No'va.

I came up with an idea that there should be different types of Lo-ans'rel (for later use in other books). Basically, Lo-ans'rel are Healers with the ability to shift into animals depending on the region they live in. The region would offer a type of elemental energy to use for their magic. There are four basic elements: earth, air, water, and fire.

Blue Moon Rising Series mainly focuses on woodland Healers. But say they wanted to switch over to a new element and live in the ocean. They would have to purge their original shifting abilities in order to take on the salty forms of the sea. Doing so would mean they could only change elements once more before it became permanent.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Eva - Child Sketch

Cover Update #4

I don't know how, but I only needed to redraw one character. Check this out: Freddy is standing on the left. Gabe is still crouching. Billy is busy smoking a bowl when Sandra looks like she tenderly wants to play rub a dub dub. Eva and Tabby seem to be facing off each other in attempts to win Thomas's hunky love. Then, of course, there's Simon in the wheelchair.
I think I'm about ready to paint...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cover Update

Captain, the elevator seems to be breaking apart! Shall we stand here staring out into the dark void until all the oxygen is sucked away and we die of suffication? Damn it, Jim! I'm a doctor! I don't know squat about tinker toys!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Book Cover Update #2

This is what happens when a character gets left out...

Characters from left to right: Billy, Gabe, Freddy, Eva, Sandra, Simon, Tabby, Thomas....and Doc will be somewhere once I figure out where he's going. Right now he's chilling at the top like some mad scientist about to make pudding out of monkey brains...

I like this version better because the first one had the characters standing around like they were posing for mug shots or something. Very boring. Thanks to Gabe staring at Simon's leg like he wants to hump it, the symmetrical feel has been thrown off. Now interest in the piece seems to hold better, especially since Billy back there has a joint. Sorry Freddy, no smokey for you today (note the turned head like he's totally disgusted - not intentional - but that's what happens when an artist decides to move people around).

Anthology Book Cover

Book Cover for the Chesterfield Writer's Group Anthology

Monday, January 4, 2010

Wave Dancer Update

Work in Progress

Book Cover Progress #1

Book Cover Work in Progress #1
Painted from Scratch using Photoshop CS3
Characters © 2010 JJ McMoon

Four more characters need to be jammed onto the front, then will start sketching out the back cover. I need to know how much room to give the spine. That will help determine how much room I'll need for the front. Don't they look like comic book characters at the moment? X-Men wannabees! Da da dum!