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Friday, November 30, 2012

NightDay - Story Concept

Story Concept


There’s always been stories of Light vs. Dark (good & evil, basically). But nowadays it’s hard to come up with a concept that isn’t that stereotypical, “Hey, the dark ones are the bad guys!”

Because I hate that…. So how about this:

The land is literally divided between day and night, where the moon and sun shine 24/7. I like things that have to do with Balance. Now let’s just say that before Day and Night were balanced, they were fighting for control. And the only way to keep control was to offer the gift of either Day or Night to a chosen to extend those abilities over the land.

Okay, that’s not bad. Now about some characters?

Let’s say that two brothers are born on the side of Day. But when one of the elders prophesizes Night’s shadowy reign, the brothers are separated to test their loyalty. Lucas, or Lu, is eventually chosen to lead Day’s people. But his brother Luciens is cast into Night, for they believe this will satisfy the balance between the two realms. Na, why doesn’t Day break it’s promise? Why does darkness always have to be so bad? Let’s say an elder does prophesize a drop in balance, but they can’t tell which one strikes first? Let’s say the typical reasoning is to think Night would be the one or that one of the brothers would tip the balance by going over to Night. So they decide to offer one of the brothers to Night to help keep balance. Maybe Night doesn’t have a chosen, or hasn’t needed one. And Luciens gets picked. Yes, let’s send the baby brother over to the dark side!

Do what now? I think that would totally peeve off someone if they got kicked out of their homeland. So that would be one reason why Luciens goes crazy. The other reason is maybe his brother Lucas got raised a little too far on the pedestal by his parents or clan leaders. He’s first-born. Typical jealously thinking here. The younger brother gets ignored and does some things maybe to get attention, even though his brother tries to bring him up to his level. Yeah, that might work. But who’s really at fault? Luciens, the elders, the offer of Night to gain power over those who mistreated him? Who knows? There’s a lot at stake here, it seems.

Now leader of Day, Lu (Lucas) is forced to work against the brother he’s come to love, and will stop at nothing to bring him back to a world of light. Yet that love is quickly betrayed when Luciens is taken up as heir to Night.

With a lust for power that darkness brings him, Luciens wants to break the balance and expand Night over the entire land in order to take revenge on those who cast him away. He believes his brother is the cause of his banishment. Lucas was always the popular one and held more privileges as first-born. His plan is to strip everything away from his brother like it was done to him.

Fighting against his Luciens is not easy, as Lu realizes his love for his younger sibling is just as crippling as the blow he’s received that gives him a constant limp. Why Luciens? Instead, Lu tries to change the laws that cast unwanted children to the other side.

Perhaps then Luciens will see that he’s not against him after all…

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