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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Master of Water LineART2

Added more background....

Master of Water LineART

Started working on the background...

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Master of Water Sketch

Will become a watercolor piece...

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Counting Down

What author wouldn’t be excited to discover he/she only had a few more chapters until completion? There’s about eleven more chapters to write before book three “Healer” draft is done. Then comes the editing.  The fun part will be just enjoying the story through and fixing up certain areas that need addressing.

I already know I need to add a small section notating where the farmers come into do business with town. What good is having one-of-a-kind items for sale when the prince had already told the farmers they could sell their goods as well? Then never write it? Needs to be added. Just one small section would fix that.


Sample Chapter from Book Three “Healer”

Jenario leaned against his balcony wall, head slightly bowed. With eyes closed, he allowed the thoughts of the horn to mull over events for him, as he himself was too weary to bother. Nathaniel was gone, a relief to both horn and mage. Not only did it cut back on the horn’s ongoing claims of uselessness, but focused on the positive approach of Abraham’s training.

A shift in though signaled the horn’s eagerness to speak. When at last Jenario raised his head, eyes opened to a flushed crimson burning around the irises’ rims. Someone was coming.

The horn controlled the mage like a marionette, pulling his mental strings to lift an arm at the faintest movement within the darkness. Whether day or night, it was all the same. A constant surge of lightning lit up the surrounding forest and outlined the form of an approaching raven.

It alighted upon the mage’s outstretched arm with a loud caw, then brushed its beak affectionately over the soft fabric. The mage smiled and ran a finger down the soft tuft of feathering over the breast.

“You’ve done well,” the horn spoke softly. “Now that I know our Healer friend is bound to his clan, he will surely remain until that time in which I see fit to collect him.”

Jenario lifted his arm higher, and the raven took to the sky.

Return to your kind! Tell them their heir has failed!” 

The raven’s wild cackles eventually drowned within the clap of thunder. Its dark form easily matched that of its surroundings, and was swallowed without a trace into the forest.

“Their lust for vengeance against humans will only feed my storm. With the human population extinguished, there will be nothing to hinder my plans.” He cast his eyes up toward the tower room where he knew the Black Wing was still within his control. There came a chuckle. “Ah, the rarity of ripening fruit in a barren wasteland – the time of harvest grows nearer.”