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Teaser from latest writing - updated December 2013 (unedited)


Book Three of Blue Moon Rising Trilogy

(c) 2013 Bonnie Watson

Wisdom was speechless. Beside him, he could feel Glory's prying gaze that read, "What's going on?" Irene had been taking back a few trays left from lunch, but halted at the boy's sudden mood swing. From the corner of his eye, he caught Eclipse stirring nervously as he approached from the hallway. The Simpleton stayed back, no doubt communicating with his own clan about the situation.

That's all I need right now. Another situation, the prince thought with sarcasm ready to drip from his own tongue. He caught himself, the warning from Osha jumping to the top of his thoughts.

"How long have you known about this?" Ashpin demanded.

Wisdom sighed. "Until you arrived, I haven't," he admitted, keeping his tone low. He needed to calm the boy before his mind became a target for the storm, though he doubted it could affect him from such a distance. Still, he picked his next set of words carefully. "I did find the necklace on a traveler; that part is true. However, when Lord Gracie said you were the only one carrying the Agecroft name, he wasn't wrong. The man who had that," he gestured to the necklace, "wasn't even remotely the same person you probably remember."

"You could have still told me." Ashpin clamped the gold chain tightly between his fingers. "Where did he go? Where can I find him? I need to know things! I need to know why he left us!"

Wisdom felt his stomach tighten at the question. "Ashpin, I seriously doubt he could have answered your questions, let alone any of my mine concerning the death of MY family, which was done by his own hand."

"What are you saying?" Ashpin asked.

"When I told you I had experienced the same circumstances in my life as you've gone through in yours, it was because of him. I didn't come here to be prince because that's what I wanted to do with my life. No, I was forced to come here due to a set of circumstances that have affected right many individuals." He pointed at the boy, then at himself. "You. Me. Your father. We've all been affected by what's going on up north. You've seen the storm. You just don't know who's behind it, or what it can do to people."

"Wisdom," Glory's concerned voice directed their attention her way. "When you went into town earlier, did something happen? I know you've mentioned the storm was growing at one point. But what does that have to do with his father?"

"Nathan Agecroft changed his name to Nathaniel Woodston," Wisdom replied. "He was an assassin to the mage Jenario Onyx, the very one who resides within the Realm of Sapphire at this moment. Jenario is the one responsible for the storm. He's also responsible for using Nathaniel to carry out assignments, one of them being my own family." He took a deep breath. "With that being said, who's to say that he wasn't carrying out these deeds even back when YOUR mother was alive?"

He caught and held Ashpin's surprised gaze with a stern look. He knew the next question would be where his father was located. It was unavoidable. Hopefully, Ashpin would understand.

"I couldn't be certain in his current state of mind whether he would do the same to you. So don't ask where to look for him now. You won't find him."

Ashpin remained silent. For the longest time he seemed to study the prince, as though trying to see a deeper meaning to his words. Slowly, his gaze trailed to the necklace where it rested in the center of his palm. Then, without warning, he suddenly gripped it so fiercely that Wisdom feared it would scar his flesh.

"You killed him," Ashpin breathed.

"You didn't!" Glory exclaimed. "Wisdom!"

"He killed himself," Wisdom returned sharply. "I never even touched him."

"But you let him die."

Wisdom winced at the boy's coldness. He had not expected this type of comeback.

"I..." he started, but Ashpin cut him off.

"You're a Healer! Isn't that what you said your purpose was for coming back? When my mother really needed one, you weren't there for her. But now you're here. You had a chance to heal the one person I needed to find, and you let him die!"

Wisdom lifted an arm to shield himself as Ashpin flung the necklace at him.


But the boy was too angry. Instead, he turned and ran.

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