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Monday, November 26, 2012

Rise of the Guardians

Decided to try out this movie tonight. "Rise of the Guardians" focuses on Jack Frost (loved the albino look ;p) who doesn't recall any of his past memories after waking up to a cold and wintry world. I enjoyed the different styles of the characters, guardians including our favorite holiday figures: Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Sand Man. 

Each of the characters held a special role in balancing out the world where children who believed in them kept them going. Now, I had wondered about this because most movies who include Jack Frost can't see him. I was correct. When Jack first comes about, he's mostly ignored. But, as you can imagine, when someone believed, then he could be seen. 

The downfall was a character called Pitch Black who understood what it was to not be seen and played on Jack's fears to keep him from helping the guardians as he installed fear in the children to keep them from believing.

The animation was from Dreamworks, and we all know Dreamworks rarely produces poor quality. I loved the flow of action. I've gotten used to predicting who takes a fall. But hey, it's a kid's movie! No one really dies in a kid's movie. Although, I have to admit, it's not really for little kids because of all the fighting. What movie nowadays doesn't have fighting in it? Have you noticed that in today's movies?

Santa had some kickbutt tattoos on his arms. On one arm it clearly said "naughty" and on the other said "nice." His character gave off a sort of Russian feel (or lack of the correct nationality). Now while most of our Santa's prefer white fur, this one had black (feathers?) trimmed around the shoulders and arm cuffs. 

Easter Bunny did remind me of a kangeroo due to the Australian accent and boomerangs. Jack Frost himself even pointed that one out as he poked fun at his lanky figure. 

Tooth Fairy was different. Her appearance resembled a large hummingbird, complete with little helpers with hummingbird beaks and squeaks.

Sand Man, or Sandy, as they called him, only ever spoke in symbols. He kicked butt when he wanted, especially when Pitch tries to take him down.

Jack is a fun-loving guy who enjoys games and causing mischief. When he realizes Pitch holds the key to his past, he's determined to help the guardians undo Pitch's scheme. It sort of reminds me of a plot in Terry Pratchet's movie "Hogfather" where in order to take control of children's memories and make them forget, the villain steals teeth from the tooth fairy. Same basic plot. Must work every time then, lol. Apparently, teeth or other personal items always hold memories. Controlling those memories is just another way to control what people believe in. 

So, okay, I guess the story concept isn't a new one. I do wish they had given Pitch a better name. Pitch just doesn't sound very scary. They could have called him Black instead. Shade would have worked too. Even his very make up wasn't all that convincing. While the other characters seemed more engaging to do battle with each other, all Pitch could do was manipulate Sandy's sand dreams and turn them into Nightmares. Yes, I'm talking black sand-blown horses galloping through the skies. A lot of things can fly in this movie. 

Overlook that little fact, and the movie is pretty good. I actually wouldn't mind seeing it again myself. I don't feel too old for this. 

Not a bit...

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