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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Projects & Commissions

Soooo.... I've accepted two book covers. One is due October 31st. The other will be sometime next year. I'm also illustrating a second children's e-book, designing a tattoo, a starcraft marine, waiting on another author to get with me for children's sketches, pending website commission, watercolor fantasy characters for a writer's group friend, and writing my own novel and illustrating my own characters while working a full time design job....

Remind me to breath once in a while, okay?

Oh, and I need to draw the outlines for the Book 'Em convention coming up in October as well. I'll be selling those. Needless to say, commission are going to be closed for a little while until this list goes down a bit.

This is a sketch for the latest book cover acceptance.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Illustrated Children's E-book Available!

Great news!
An ebook I illustrated has just come out!!! It's a very cute animal story about a young kangaroo who has lost her mother. The charcters are fluffy and adorable, so if you like fluffy cute stuff, look no further.

Here is the link ~ Enjoy!