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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

This is teaser from the latest chapter in Book Three "Healers".

"A mirror?" He raised a pallad eyebrow in question. When he did not receive an immediate response, he stepped closer to inspect it. The fine craftsmanship of the wood intrigued his interest to who might have carved it until his gaze flicked to his own appearance staring back at him. "And I suppose you have something to do with this," he spoke softly.

A wink, and the prince inclined his head to what his inner unicorn might reveal. To his surprise, the mirror's structure began to waver. Like a veil being lifted, a single wave of energy pulsed over its form before vanishing. No longer did the mirror's form remain, but a wavering oval surface that hovered slightly above ground.

"What in No'va...?" he heard Shy utter behind him before turning to Lord Gracie.

"This is not like the others I've seen here."

"What is it?" Shy stepped beside his brother.

"A portal," was the reply. "But why here? Why keep it secret?"

"It's been dormant for years." Lord Gracie joined the two brothers. "When I first came to this land, it was this particular portal that gave us access. After that, it just shut down."

"You were trapped here?" Wisdom asked, but Lord Gracie only chuckled.

"Compared to what we had before, this was a blessing! But those who did not follow... never could, as we could not open it back up." A sigh. "Nevertheless, the Foreseers predicted its next use during something called a... Purification?" At this, he glanced to Wisdom.

A nod. "Purifications are supposed to come once a millineum, but because of Jenario, the balance calls for it to happen well before that time." He stepped away from the portal, and as he did the illusion returned in the guise of a mirror. "Did your Foreseers show anything else?"

"The message was quite clear about a unicorn needing it for a particular location. Perhaps the one you carry IS that unicorn. The mirror did, after all, react to your presence."

Wisdom looked down at his wrist, kept covered by a thin cloth that matched whatever outfit he wore. Slowly, he unwove it to check the scar. Its circular form had already begun to fill in to a half crescent, reflecting the phases of the moon.

"If that's so, she'll be needing it soon...."

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