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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chapter 7 Updates

Finally getting to the good part. Sometimes I have to wonder whether pacing is too slow in the beginning to reach this far in a novel. But then again, I have to realize there are multiple character situations that add tension to the current plot. As for the main plot, it's about to get juicy.

I just reached a section where Lord Gracie is introducing the two albino brothers to a portal in the guise of a mirror (and perhaps hints that this was how humas were able to enter their present world). The idea is that Lord Gracie wants Wisdom (main character) to take the mirror back to the Eastern Clan where he feels it'll be better protected. Since Wisdom has the pure unicorn protecting him, it could might be more useful there than staying at Luxor.

At the same time, Glory has just encountered her former fiance. Tension mounts as he insists she's making a mistake staying with Wisdom. Now, Glory is famous for throwing complete hissy fits. So picture this: a ballroom full of well-dressed men and women, classy music playing, and a red-faced young woman about to explode in the midst of it all!

Let's get this party started!!

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Grace Robinson said...

I totally understand about feeling like the pacing might be slow, if you're "just now getting to the good part." I have that problem, too. :-P But just remember that this is your first draft--tightening up the pacing can come in the editing phase. I constantly have to remind myself of that when I'm trying to churn out words for my first draft. ;)