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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wisdom Novels® on Patreon

I started writing "Wisdom" back in 2000. Eight revisions later, I realized I had a trilogy going for me. By 2015, I had completed the third novel, published everything, and was steadily working on a second trilogy. At the time, Wisdom Novels® was becoming a standard name to call the series. So after some thought about getting it trademarked, I submitted a request to have it done and waited about a year before it was officially approved. 

So welcome to Wisdom Novels® Patreon!

My main objective is to just finish the series. I have seven books in mind. The first six will comprise of two trilogies, while the seventh is a stand-alone. During the course of writing, I'll be continuously sketching, painting, sculpting and creating music. All of which you guys will get to see as I share spoilers and much, much more!

Hope you enjoy!

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