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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Characters for Wisdom Novels

Jenario accidently creates a Black Unicorn by giving it a potion to drink that would allow its power to tranfer to Jenario's body. Instead, it sours the magic, causing Jenario to destroy what he thought would be a power boost. What he doesn't realize is the soul of the creature exists within the horn, so when he picks up the broken tip it gets inside of him and starts controlling his mind and body.

Jenario Onyx

Keith is effected by the behavior of the unicorn because he descends from a race of shape-shifters known as Lo'ans'rel, guardians of Nature. The Dark Unicorn wants out of Jenario's body and into another who is One with Nature. Keith is the perfect target because he's born away from his kind, with his parents murdered before they have a chance to tell him his heritage.

Glory runs away from all her problems, until she runs into Keith, and the two form a bond of everlasting friendship. Although her wealthy family would rather see her married to the successful fish merchant Valor, Glory is determined to have things her way. But love can be a hard decison to make when she discovers Keith's kind want nothing to do with humans, and would rather see them destroyed. Believing its her falt, she does the one thing to help solve her!

Corrigan is a halfbreed Black Wing searching for his captive mother in the human realms. When he's approached by the newly powered mage, Jenario, who offers to help him in return to be his lab rat, Corrigan agrees. He meets Keith during a visit to a slave owner. Keith's eyes give away the power hidden within, but the harpy doesn't want to tell Jenario this as he simply wants to ask Keith if he's seen another Black Wing female in slavery. It's not until later that Jenario gets wind of this, and sends the harpy on several missions to try to obtain the boy (or rather, the horn itself tries to obtain him since he wants another body).

Sister unicorn to the now degraded Black Unicorn, Osha knows it's only a matter of time before her twin sibling takes over Keith's body. With no way to protect himself, she offers her horn to keep him safe, and herself, until the time of the Purification during the phazes of a Blue Moon come to pass. The balance of magic has been upset due to Jenario's careless procedure. Osha cannot have the land fall to chaos. The duty of the unicorn is to keep that balance, but only one unicorn is allowed to ascend to begin the purification.

The countdown begins...

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