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Monday, February 28, 2011

Ain't Tipped Yer Hat to Me

I caught a smirk under the shadow of his hat. His coat was a rich black and silver. Stunning, especially with that neatly trimmed beard. Made me almost want to trim mine. But, as I was never one to think about shaving first thing in the morning, I reckoned it looked just about as good as the hair on my head.

“It has been a while. Long enough to keep my coat in order,” he replied. “You look like a coyote threw up!”

I just shrugged. “I get around.”

“Looks it. So you brought a live one today. Don’t you normally spill their guts on sight?”

“I didn’t think Guilds assigned other Casters to an already assigned town,” I changed the subject.

“Who said I was on assignment?” he returned.

That bothered me. Masters were not allowed to leave their assigned towns. If Jaemason wasn’t working, then he wasn’t with a Guild. Not good.

“Fine time to be taking a vacation, then.” My finger was already on the trigger, and he knew it. “I don’t need another body to clean up tonight.”

“Manners, manners, Azri.” He straightened and strode to the saloon’s entrance. “You ain’t tipped your hat to me yet.” He pushed through one side of the swinging doors and disappeared inside.

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