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Friday, January 29, 2010

Possible Cover?

I may use this image for my next book entitled White. The second installment from the "Blue Moon Rising Series" White continues with Keith beginning his first year of slavery and finding that he may not be the magic-user he thinks he is. The Black Wing Corrigan will begin making greater appearances. White also takes a glimpse into the world of the Lo-ans'rel, the forest Healers of No'va.

I came up with an idea that there should be different types of Lo-ans'rel (for later use in other books). Basically, Lo-ans'rel are Healers with the ability to shift into animals depending on the region they live in. The region would offer a type of elemental energy to use for their magic. There are four basic elements: earth, air, water, and fire.

Blue Moon Rising Series mainly focuses on woodland Healers. But say they wanted to switch over to a new element and live in the ocean. They would have to purge their original shifting abilities in order to take on the salty forms of the sea. Doing so would mean they could only change elements once more before it became permanent.

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