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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Book Cover Update #2

This is what happens when a character gets left out...

Characters from left to right: Billy, Gabe, Freddy, Eva, Sandra, Simon, Tabby, Thomas....and Doc will be somewhere once I figure out where he's going. Right now he's chilling at the top like some mad scientist about to make pudding out of monkey brains...

I like this version better because the first one had the characters standing around like they were posing for mug shots or something. Very boring. Thanks to Gabe staring at Simon's leg like he wants to hump it, the symmetrical feel has been thrown off. Now interest in the piece seems to hold better, especially since Billy back there has a joint. Sorry Freddy, no smokey for you today (note the turned head like he's totally disgusted - not intentional - but that's what happens when an artist decides to move people around).

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