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Thursday, November 6, 2008

I've shared some of this before with one or two of you, but I thought I'd share with the rest some thoughts about a possible third trilogy.

To recap:

In the first two trilogies, Wisdom (main character) defeats the creator of Dark magic and helps stabilize the remaining balance. But the way it's going to work is like mixing paint. Black and white make gray. Therefore, White magic is now mixed in with Black magic, offerening a different range of properties that can be used by magic-users.

Anyways, here's what's up:

Wisdom has three children, two sons and a daughter. Wouldn't it be interesting to have three books, each one told in the perspective of each child. So starting with the eldest, that would be the first book. Then the daughter, and then the youngest, who is the most mysterious of the three. THAT one I can't wait to get to because it's going to be soooo interesting in Koreken's POV.

I'm still working on the plot for it, but here's what I've got so far. Please feel free to comment on any of this because I don't really know how it's all going to work yet.

After Merlock is killed (dark magic guy), Wisdom dies and is brought back to life using the newly born soul of a young unicorn. What he doesn't realize is the unicorn is a dark female instead of the normal white one. This is because when the purification takes place, dark and light magic are mixed together. So now you get a combination of both magics.

The problem we start seeing afterwards is those who would normally use the Light (or in this case they call it White magic) are now starting to use Dark because it's available and much stronger. But it has different properties. Whereas Light draws from Nature's energy, Dark forces energy out of surrounding living things, ie. humans, plants, etc. So every time it's used this is what happens. There's no stored energy like the Light has.

A person's appearance also changes when they use Dark magic. The hair turns black and the eyes lose color or turn white. People are afraid of these people because they have the potential to take life without even realizing it. So when Wisdom realizes he can use Black magic, he has to be very careful how and where he uses it. The good news is, he can use both Light and Dark. So he can take energy from the land with the Dark, but then heal it with the Light. It's a balance. And he believes that by working together, Dark and Light can co-exist just as it does within his body.
This thought, however, fails when his youngest is born with the Dark One's appearance. Now Wisdom must work twice as hard to protect himself, his family, and find a way to help Dark Ones who are being hunted by his own kind. If they were to find out what he could do, they might think Koreken could do the same.

Special abilies:

Keith (first born): Ablino Lo-ans'rel (Healer) teenager. Shifting. Magic. Healing. Stubborn and very naive. Wants to be just like his father and do great things in life and be respected.

Gaily (second): Human. Kind-hearted and gentle like her mother. Strawberry hair. Takes after Wisdom's grandfather's side of the family. Magic seems to come to her with ease, depending on her emotion. She cannot heal, but she seems to have a way with Nature and animals.

Koreken (third): Half-breed. Dark One look-alike. No magical power. Stores energy and can use other people's powers by forcing his energy into their bodies. Can cause pain or ease it just by touch, or make the body go stiff until he touches them again to release them. Soft-spoken and quiet. If full of wisdom and meaningful things to say. Knows what to say at the right moment. Can "sense" someone's purpose and actions by reading their emotions. This can be accomplished from several miles away if he's already met the person.

It probably would not be so bad after the purification if people didn't remember the event (like they're supposed to). But something happens and they remember the dark magic. So that's a major drawback as well.

Anyways, let me know what you think. It's going to be chaotic, I'm sure. LOL

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