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Monday, November 10, 2008

I signed up on By November 19th, I'll have four images in a gallery. They're very strict on rules and maintaining their art. That's why it takes so long. At least I'm glad all you do is type in a username and password. They used to have ten pages of questions to answer before you could officially join. What a joke! Not to mention their site kept going down almost daily. I still like better, but Elfwood has some nice pieces. I learned about that site way back in college. Why I never joined then, I have no clue!

My novel Wisodm was requested by the publisher Silver Leaf Books, LLC. Two copies of the manuscript were sent Monday August 18, 2008 and arrived in Holliston, MA on Wednesday August 20, 2008. They have an estimated 120 days to review the book and make a decision. This is the second time I have sent to them. The first time was rejected. Good thing. After submitting a letter telling them I had made mega changes, they requested to see it again. Apparently, there's something in the story / plot / character development they like, or they wouldn't have asked for it again. As soon as I hear something, I'll write another announcement. So... counting down the days...

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