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Saturday, July 20, 2013

What's This?

Transitioning into the Netherworld of Female Figures? I think not!

Okay, what's with the posing female pictures lately? Seriously, I'm not a big fan of killer mama bods and blossoming bazookas on any given person. So rest assured. I am NOT jumping over into the playboy-type fantasy genre.

Don't get me wrong, though. I could make some killer pics! That's what I see on a lot of fantasy artwork. I think it's mostly guys painting those images. They always want those double barrels with all legs showing. And after a while, it all seems to blur together.

It's one thing to do a commission. But there are limits. I want something "tasteful", not slushy. You don't order a banana split and end up getting a pile of melted sickness. I actually got that one day. It sucked. 

The last image I had posted was my own character, Everest. But that's because someone requested a full portrait of her. I thought it would be more pleasing to draw her in that pose because it was a guy who had requested it, not to mention he thought she was hot looking to begin with. So I might as well make it worth the while. 

Oh, but wouldn't it be funny to draw my main character as a hot magnet? LOL, yes the only person who would think so would be me. Then again, make it worth looking at and others would think so too. But to the point of the post, I shouldn't be doing those anytime soon unless I get a request. And a limited one at that. You'll notice that Everest has (it's still in sketch mode though) feathers covering her sugary goodness, and the commission has a sword covering her fluffiness. 

Alluring, yet tasteful. 

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