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Friday, February 1, 2013


It’s okay to be proud of something, especially if you know you’ve foot the bill, you’ve spent the time, you’ve made the calls to get your baby out there to the world. I may not be a best-seller, but I DO SELL BOOKS!

I don’t see anything wrong with self-publishing through lulu, through Create Space, or any other POD (print on demand) service. That’s where I started. I bought my own copies and went out selling. As long as you continue to hold the rights to your work, truck it where you please, and get it out there. Sometimes big publishers take notice of you doing well and want to pick it up. But if that’s the case, are you better off without a big publisher?

There are good things to having a nice, traditional publisher. I switched my first novel from lulu to Agile Writer Press in order to get them into bookstores. Thus far, it’s working locally. But this is a test for both of us. We’re both knew to the real world of publishing. Everything we do from here on out is trial and error. So I suppose I’m the guinea pig, but this guinea pig’s trying.

I once sat with an author during a book signing. She had wanted me there because I did her cover art. Would have made some awesome connections if the woman had actually participated herself. Instead, she sat there like a bump on a log and said nothing. Guess who had to do all the work?
Look, if I don’t know you or your book, I’m NOT going to be the best publicist!

So now I know not to just sit quietly at a table. But I tend to do better if other people are around that I know. That might help others as well. Maybe my being with that other author helped her. Maybe…

Last night I attended the James River Writers group and learned a little about what booksellers expect from both publishers and authors when it comes to setting up book tours and getting them in the stores. Some want the publisher to contact them. Some want to speak direclty to the author. It’s was really interesting, and I enjoyed seeing good friends that I hadn’t seen in a while.

On an active note, I also stopped by my high school and spoke with the chair person for the English department. I offered a copy of my novel and art book, and hopefully we’ll see if teachers will be interested in having me speak in their class. That’s always a treat!
And let’s not forget the “GREAT NEWS” of the month! On Saturday, March 16, 2013 I’ll be doing a book signing at the Barnes & Noble bookseller on Midlothian Turnpike. The bookstore is at the Chesterfield Town Center Mall from 2-4pm. I would love for everyone to come out, even if you’re not buying a book, and let’s get that bookstore rocking! Check out my Facebook page if you’re planning to attend!

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