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Monday, May 16, 2011

Note to Self-Publishers

(Excerpt from a ‘LinkedIn’ posting sent to me by another author)

Perhaps the one-stop shop is not the best option for you. I agree with many other posters on the list that the more you amplify the “self” in self-publishing, the more you can control the outcome. So, if you plan to self-publishing with LightningSource or some other POD, I would suggest that you do your homework and find other dedicated professionals to assist you with production. For example:

–a good copyeditor who knows industry standards for book publishing (Chicago Manual of Style)
–a graphic designer/desktop publisher who is familiar with the POD service with which you choose to work and can format and package book contents based on the POD’s specific parameters
–a proofreader (who also knows book publishing standards)
–book marketing and promotional specialists

Publishing a to-standard book can be an arduous process. If you are committed to having your book in the best shape possible, you should do your homework and find the talent that will make your dream a reality.

I have a blog that may assist in answering some of your questions: It talks about how to choose editors and designers.

Best of luck to you!

Posted by Thomas Hill

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