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Friday, June 4, 2010

Oil Spoil Effect

I'm worried about this oil spilling out into the ocean. It's never going to stop, is it? Our waters will no longer be blue. They'll be black. The sun will not reach the kelp and other plants that rely on it to produce food. They'll soon die. Soon fish will die because they won't be able to spawn and have a place where their babies are safe from large preditors. Larger fish that feed on them will die because the small fish will be gone. And those that rely on large fish will die. Soon land animals will have to feed elsewhere. There will be no rain because moisture will not be able to probably absorb into the air to form stormclouds. The rain that comes down will be our own tears. We'll all pretty much waste away. We're all pretty much at fault. We use oil every day. We rely on it because of transporation and other means. Can we PLEASE come up with a better solution for the sake of all life on this planet! It's not like we can move somewhere else because there's no where else to go. Other beings are probably laughing at our stupidity. They don't need us. We suck.
That's my take on things.

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Kevin Conner said...

We can't destroy what God won't allow. Do not worry so much about ecological disasters. Oil is very natural and Gid made the Earth replenish itself and go through it's own cycles. Sure, this will kill some animals, mankind is quite fallable. All of creation groans for God to set things back. One day, there will be a new Heaven, And a new Earrh...