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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Art

I truly love the gift boxes of note cards produced by Tree-Free Greetings There are a wide range of artists who contribute to these cards. So I have some ideas in mind to come up several new art pieces for submission purposes. I took a long look at my current gallery. For the most part, a lot of my art is built around characters from my many writings. Yet it's missing variety. There are barely any landscapes, no buildings or technical drawings, and no stand-alone fantasy-themed pieces. I need to rethink and reorganize if I'm going to put out artwork for other places. I've been closing doors on what I really want - keeping everything character related is limiting what I can truly do. I say I can paint or draw animals, but there's nothing on my site that shows it. I say I can paint or draw people, but again - there are no portraits. I bet I don't even have 20 good pieces that represents what I can do. I need new art. Simple as that.

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