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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Book Cover WIP

I had meant to paint a new book cover sooner, but now or never, here it is as a work in progress. Original book cover can be found here:

I decided since the old one was painted with the mouse, and I bought the tablet afterward, that it needed some cleaning. I wasn't happy with the flames in the old piece. So I'm adding more dynamic action to the piece, shade with pencil, then scan and paint it using Photoshop CS3. The old one was done in Photoshop 7. Nice upgrade since my computer died.

To give a bit of summary, this is the antagonist of my book, Jenario Onyx. He stupidly thought he could become a great magic-user by swiping the horn of a unicorn, ends up transforming it into a blood-sucker, possesses himself, and it all goes downhill from least for Jenario. Should have stuck to turning stone into gold. Probably would have been safer.

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