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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Influenced through Music

I recently heard Katy Perry's hit song called E.T. and immediately got an idea for a Science Fiction story. We've all heard stories about aliens and Area 51, government hiding creatures and all that mish mash. But no one ever tells the story of how aliens came to be. I like to know how things work. Why do people look and act the way they do?

What if aliens were originally people? Just normal, every day human beings, ripped apart and transformed when exposed to the unknown forces beyond Earth? What if that force happens to be pulls of magnetic fields, gravitation, or centrifugal force? What if all this manipulates the body to be more adaptive of these things? And what if it takes years to accomplish this?

This is the story behind a private government owned and operated plan. The only aliens that exist...are us! We make them. We feed them to newspapers and journals for the sake of something new and exciting for the everyday person. We send them on missions for the sake of creating new stories with thrilling action so readers can buy the latest Star Trek novel. It's all real.

But no one thinks it is.

The actual story to this centers around a family whose husband and father of a teenage daughter was sent to work on a project for two years on one of the space stations. Shortly after departing, the family receives word that his shuttle exploded when the engine malfunctioned. Believing him gone for good, the daughter continues to reads her favorite sci-fi books that her dad used to read to her when she was little, while the mother disapproves of such and wants her to grow up.

Ten years later, a UFO crash-lands close to the house. It's the father, but he's....well....changed. The unique type of aircraft needed to brave the forces of the universe resembles that of the stories the daughter likes to read. She recognizes him, but he has trouble remembering her.

Basically, we don't know whether he's the good guy or the bad guy. Recall how strange metal from outer space causes strong magnetic pulls on mechanical objects or makes compasses go crazy? He can do this. It seems like he has powers, but it's just the magnetic force in waves of energy surrounding him, making him capable of doing the "Jedi" thing. He has two eyelids, like owls do. A side lid and an upper lid. This helps block out strong light, say from the sun or other sources. It also looks really cool when he blinks. The eyes themselves seem more almond shaped, slightly larger than normal, as though he's in the midst of transforming into the goggle-eyed aliens we know today.

I don't want Avatar look!!! So he's slightly shorter than his average human height. But he's one bad-ass alien! He's discovered the secret behind the government's plan, and he's ready to stop it. Ever wonder what crop circles mean? This would be a great way to advertise the message, send officials into a questioning frenzy, and expose one of the greatest scandals in history.

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