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Innocence” Experimental Music, created using Garageband
Sunset Marshes” Piano and Strings, created using Garageband


I’ve been busy playing around with both traditional piano and Garage Band (my new recording studio). So here’s a whole bunch of things I’ve come up with. That includes an artist name and track album. Of course, they’re not nearly as long as most songs, so in order for me to fill up a CD I’d have to create longer songs. But this is a start.


Artist: Supabon
: Wisdom Novels & Weapons Casters

So We Fall” piano w/ strings, Fall theme music, original creation
Outlaws“ Western type remix, for a short story called “Weapons Casters”
As We’re Sailing” Techno, original creation
RemixMac” Techno remix w/ original creation
Back Alley Jazz” piano & strings
Rain” one of the songs completed for element of Air – digital and traditional piano w/ strings
You Raise Me Up” cover music by Josh Groban, piano & strings
No’va” theme music for the Wisdom Novels project
Inner Thoughts” piano and & strings, love song
First Mix” this was my first attempt at remixing and creating a techno sounding song
Second Mix” my second attempt at techno/remix

The only thing I wish is hooking up the ipad to the mac and playing the instruments with Garage Band that way. Otherwise, playing the “keyboard” doesn’t exactly give you full use of all the scales. But otherwise, enjoy what I’ve created so far!


I had originally wanted four piano pieces, each dealing with one of four elements: fire, earth, air and water. The third piece will be about air.

The Four Elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth

“Within Flames”
“On Gentle Tides”

A lullaby
“Gaily’s Lullaby”  Gaily is actually the daughter of the main character (Wisdom) from the Wisdom Novels series. Even though I don’t plan to put her appearance in writing until well after the two trilogies, I though this piece sounded fitting:

Something Jazzy
Decided to try something fun, so here’s a little jazz song I came up with:

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