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Monday, June 30, 2014

Corrigan Redesigned

Work in progress…. painting in details of foliage and feathers.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Corrigan Revamp

Work in progress....

Interviewing an Author

I was recently contacted by Michelle Mar to conduct an interview concerning my experiences in the publishing industry. Granted, I felt there was a whole lot more I could have said, I think the main topics were covered.
You can find the interview here at Michelle Mar’s BlogIn Which I talk with Bonnie Watson
I did once start putting a small website concerning the different types of publishing options, which you can find here: Foreseer Productions   Originally, I was going to make this the name of my self-publishing, but guess it got swept away in so many other projects.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Story Concept: The Keeper

The Keeper – Story Concept


1) High Keeper
2) Keeper
3) Guardian

1) High Keeper – oversees all others, enforces the laws to control how much power a keeper is given
2) the Keeper – keepers are in charge of certain portions of the land. Depending on how much territory they gain can give them access to certain abilities and power, although they are limited by laws set forth by the High Keeper on what to do with that power since it’s supposed to go toward what they’re keeping.
3) Guardian – there are always multiple guardians, and they are always watching. They are tasked with enforcing the laws and punishing those who break it. Also brings justice to those who have been wronged; however, they never interfere until a wrong has been committed.

This is what I have so far:

A widowed father with two children cannot afford to care for his crippled son. He’s heard stories of “Keepers” that dwell in the nearby forest. Keepers are said to keep their territory well organized where no sickness ever festers. So the father leaves his son where he believes a Keeper is living, never knowing what becomes of his son.

It is a High Keeper who brings the boy under her care. He’s given a staff with healing abilities. As long as he wields the staff, he’s able to live like a normal person. He’s trained to be one of the Keepers, and eventually returns to claim a territory near his hometown. The other Keepers are quite jealous of this “gift”. As a young man, he’s able to use the healing powers of the staff to influence the land around him.

But there are rules to follow. A Keeper is not allowed to interfere with the people living outside their territories, or those who wander within. That changes, of course, when the young man recognizes his sister and tries to help her when she’s attacked by traveling marauders.


Still working on the storyline. Seem like it could be something nice outside what I’ve been writing with the novels.