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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Prints for Sale

Discounted prints available for $1 and up, depending on print size. Frames are optional. Just click on the print select size and get pricing.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oh Man, I'm Booked!

I feel more than accomplished right now, as I have art coming out the wazzoo! I'm very pleased at the many commissions for 2008. Thanks to all!
My schedule right now goes as thus:
1) Jill-a-roo, a children's book based on animal characters ~ Digital2) Faerie, Goddess, & Mage ~ Watercolor3) Isktyr & Xenohpon ~ Traditional Drawing, Colored Digitally

Editing part 2 of 3. I'm about halfway through.

Okay. Thought I'd post some cool updates on awesome gaming. Currently, I'm toying with Assassin's Creed. Now I'm a big fan of worlds where you can go anywhere without staying to the path. This is one of those, plus you get to fight on horse back, climb buildings, while following this crazy storyline. Just be prepared for a beginning of LOTS of talking. Pay attention to what they're saying though. It's a bit more realistic than most games. Play saves automatically after missions.

Like a game where you can save anytime anywhere? Play Oblivion!!! Awesome graphics. Cool quests. Yes, you can ride horses, but you have to dismount to fight. Lame. But the game is well worth a look at.

Okay, do you like dynamic views with somes nice action poses that are easy to manipulate? Play either Eragon (yes you get to ride the dragon!) or play The Golden Compass. Either are pretty decent.

Looking for a game where all you do is fight hordes of armies to unlock characters and upgrade weapons? Play Ninety-nine Knights! Tons of action there!