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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Katalina Work in Progress

Just need to put in the bar beside her and she's done!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Note to Self-Publishers

(Excerpt from a ‘LinkedIn’ posting sent to me by another author)

Perhaps the one-stop shop is not the best option for you. I agree with many other posters on the list that the more you amplify the “self” in self-publishing, the more you can control the outcome. So, if you plan to self-publishing with LightningSource or some other POD, I would suggest that you do your homework and find other dedicated professionals to assist you with production. For example:

–a good copyeditor who knows industry standards for book publishing (Chicago Manual of Style)
–a graphic designer/desktop publisher who is familiar with the POD service with which you choose to work and can format and package book contents based on the POD’s specific parameters
–a proofreader (who also knows book publishing standards)
–book marketing and promotional specialists

Publishing a to-standard book can be an arduous process. If you are committed to having your book in the best shape possible, you should do your homework and find the talent that will make your dream a reality.

I have a blog that may assist in answering some of your questions: It talks about how to choose editors and designers.

Best of luck to you!

Posted by Thomas Hill

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Prince - Latest Chapter Snippet

Dusk brought about a mix of deep purple across the sea, causing the two to pause on their way back to the clan, and gave Keith time to reflect on the day's happenings. Glory's decision to run away provided the perfect excuse to explore Trully's boundaries. After their visit with the Phines, Keith took Glory to see the Landing family, explaining what happened with their crops along the way. The Landing's had been more than happy to welcome Keith as their new prince, and treated Glory like royalty. The prince recalled her beaming face as they asked to know more about her. Time had seemed a mere droplet of water lazily deciding to drip off the edge of her cup when they offered her a drink. Every move she made, every breath she took, every swallow causing the faintest twitch to that pale white throat, was a distraction. Conversation was lost in the moment her eyes locked with his.

Keith scarcely remembered visiting the neighboring farm to pick up Glory's clothing still hung out on the line. With the promise to return to get more acquainted with the family, they then took the long way back to Harbor's Point to avoid the Schevolsky territory, to Glory's relief.

"It's very open here." She continued to admire the fading colors reflecting in the water from above. She turned her head gracefully to look over one shoulder at Keith. "I'm glad I came."

"As am I." His breath nearly caught in his chest. The light fading from behind cast her in silhouette, with the slightest glow outlining her slender form. "Best we be heading back." He hated the moment to end. If only time could stand still for a moment more.

Passing clouds faded into a blanket of darkness over the horizon. The last of the gulls settled in for the night, signaling the day's end. As the two started up the hill, Keith felt a hand slip into his.

Alexander was waiting for them at the gated entrance, and was thanked multiple times for his dedicated work. As the three started toward the Western Clan for the night, Keith paused to take in the night air. A passing breeze carried the scent of Lo'ans'rel.

"Keith?" Glory tried to discern his expression in lantern's light.

The Healer flicked an ear her way.

"I just want to check the clan real quick," he replied. "You two go ahead. I'll be along shortly."

"In the dark?"

"I'll be right back. Promise!"An aura of blue light consumed his body, and in an instant he was gone in the form of an owl. He was not far from the wall surrounding the Eastern Clan, and alighted with a soft click of talons clamping over stone. A few moments passed before another owl joined him.

"Enjoy your evening?" Shy hooted in greeting.

"Chanté all right?"

"Of course! He's been watching humans all day; they fascinate him."

"And you?"

His brother shook his feathers in an act of shrugging off the question.

"Seems you're more aware of that girl."

"So you followed me," Keith returned, bobbing his head up and down. With owl eyes only capable of gazing in one direction, he turned his head to find his brother preening his chest feathers. "You saw the storm?"

"I only heard your thoughts, brethusus." Shy spat a few unruly feathers from his beak.

"I need to find out why it's growing." A flap of wings positioned his body in the direction of Sapphire.

"You're not thinking of going in there again, are you?" Shy screeched in concern.

"No. Abraham's there. Dream-channeling should be enough."

"The memories you shared with me showed you were discovered by this Jenario. Would he not be expecting your return?"

In response, Keith puffed up his chest feathers. The memory encountering Jenario in another mind nearly cost his life.

"He was expecting me then. I…haven't tried since."

"And how do you know the person you plan to contact still exists?" Shy asked. "Jenario could have killed him!"

Keith sighed. "It's a risk I'll have to take." He waited for a reply, but there was only the rustle of leaves in the breeze. Shy's mind remained closed to current thoughts so, taking it as a sign of leave, Keith prepped his wings for flight.

"You know, you don't have to shift back to dream-channel," came the sudden thought.

"What?" Keith hooted.

"I could link to you, keep a connection here in case you need to pull out."

Keith paused in thought. "That possible?"

The owl puffed its feathers out as though taking in a deep breath, then slowly pulled then back.

"We're shape-shifters. It should be."

Keith hesitated, but his brother seemed confident.

"I'll try it, but the moment you sense a third person, pull me out!"

"Then don't be long," Shy warned.

Keith was faintly aware of his brother's physical presence as he released a mental probe into the night. It was same process as before, and even easier to find Sapphire with the roar of never-ceasing storm acting like a beacon of light. Like a moth drawn to flame, he followed the waves of sound until he had passed into an interior of silence. Inside the walls of Jenario's home, the passage was a blur of gray haze and dark shadows. The throb of his heart constrained the path, teetering on the edge of collapse to a world where sight and sound no longer applied, and Keith began to wonder if entering dream-channeling while in another form might have something to do with it. He continued, though cautious, expecting the swirl of darkness to unveil its true keeper of the night.

A quickening of breath conveyed anxiety when his probe reached what he hoped to be its destination, then plunged into the mind of the sleeper. No incantations this time. This was not the mind of a mage. No hunter's rush to target prey, so the assassin was out.

"That only leaves one person," he thought aloud, and tried to conjure an image of himself so he could easily be seen. To his disappoint, however, only the owl form appeared. "Abraham? Can you hear me?"

Fan Art Request

A new website revamp is calling for some fan art for the author's latest novel. If interested, please check out this link:

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