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Friday, January 2, 2009

New Character Profile

Name: Everrest
Type: Black Wing

Description: Everrest is the size of a human. She was captured by humans after secretly taking a White Wing as her mate and having his child (Corrigan). Slavery is rough life, but soon she adjusted, and he latest master takes pride in her rich russet skin color and long black hair. I think secretly he's in love with her himself, but dare not touch her as she's still quite vicious at times. But she's settled down into her human environment. Her job as slave is to lure rich men into her bedroom for pleasure. After naming her price, she's given a sack of money, which is given to her master. The men, waiting for pleasure, instead get turned into a meal for her pleasure alone.

Everrest looks very much like a human. After so many years of having the feathers plucked around her face and shoulders, it's healed to the point where there's very little trace of harpy inheritance. When Keith chances upon her and realizes she's Corrigan's mother, he tries to heal her. But years of human life has made her very comfortable under her master's care. She insists looking like a human helps get around the realms. People look at her like she's worked up a good tan, and never question what she really is.

She does get angry when Keith mentions her son took the bargain to work with a human mage. Although she's willing to help, a creature with the craving for human flesh is not something Keith wants to bring to the Eastern Clan, so he leaves her in the custody of her master. It's not uncommon for someone to come out of her room alive, so he doesn't question anything.

"You're letting me walk out?" Keith teased, and she released his hand.

"Well, someone has to keep the race going."

(Didn't know she'd turn out to be a whore, but...yeah. I guess not everyone can be pure) By the way, I'm thinking she's got this deep foreign accent, sort of reminds me how either German or Russian would speak.

It was also not love that brought Rusha (Corrigan's father) and Everrest together. Everrest seduced Rusha for the purpose of a meal, but found him quite charming when he begged for his life. At her mercy did a fit of passion evolve...and we know the rest from there.

I can imagine finding a nice black woman to reference Everrest's features when I get around to drawing her.

Image coming soon...