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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Art Supplies for Sale

These came to me in a monthly art subscription called Sketchbox. The green Liquid Acrylic is new. The others arrived last month. I am not planning on using them in the future, so I thought someone else could. 

What is included: 

1) Shimmery Green - Liquid Acrylic: comes in ink bottle with eye dropper. 
2) Calli - calligraphy black ink (slightly used)
3) Simply Simmons #4 paint brush (slightly used)
4) Krink - a black acrylic paint stick (slightly tested, so the tip isn't at a point)

If interested, please check my Etsy page.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Noodles & Company #2

This is a quick speed drawing video of my progresss...

April Art Challenge

Beginnings of a watercolor/copic marker painting for the “Draw with Jazza” April Art Challenge - Draw Your Pet (in a scene)
Watercolor and Copic Markers

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sketchbox Art for April

This was an inked piece using Sketchbox materials for the month of April. I also included watercolors to test out my new water brushes, as well as give it some more color variations than what came with my art subscription.

I am using the Premium Sketchbox Subscription:

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Exploring No'va - Piano Music

A piece I was playing around with. Maybe related to book four "No'va" so I'm going to title it "Exploring No'va". Sounds like something after the companions are settled into their new world and are shown its beauty with the help of Healers.

Only the Beginning - Piano

Inspired by the cover art for No'va - Book IV in the Wisdom Novels® series

Water Brushes Review

I decided to order a pack of these water brushes and post a quick review. I haven't tried them yet. The tips feel like they're plastic versus having an actual fiber/hair tip. So I'm wondering how it will affect the flower of paint. I will definitely try them out, as I'm seen a few other artists using them. And we'll go from there.

Music was created by Yours Truly ;) It's called Last Dance. Created using Garage Band - strings and piano.