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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Elementals - Short Story Idea?

Elementals (work in progress title)
© 2011 Bonnie Watson

Azrael thought his days as an Elemental were over, until he comes across a 15-year-old girl called Vee. For three days, Vee has searched for her missing brother, c
laiming that he was kidnapped by an Elemental. Not wanting to revisit the past, Azrael is hesitant to assist in the rescue until he realizes the same thing that happened to him is about to happen again...

Story Outline
Azrael is angry with the High Elementals because they are responsible for giving power to younger users, and not explaining how any of it works. After receiving the element of fire, Azrael returns to his love to explain his absence. But upon their reunion, his untested power consumes her in flames. To save her, the High Elementals grant her the power of Ice. Yet fire and ice can never be together, so Azrael forsakes his power to wander the land in misery and lonliness.

True Elementals can conjure up their powers without needing to have the element nearby. Azrael can only use his if it's available, and only lost it when he went up against the Lord of Elementals.

He'll probably end up losing the rest of his power too as he tries to help Vee reach her brother. Maybe then he can be with his love again...or at least wind up freezing as one of her statues....

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