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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Playmate - Poem of 2010


Come play with me, Johnny, we sit all alone.
The playground is empty, as bare as a bone.
The swing sets are fun, and so is the slide
Let's start up a game, I'll seek if you hide.

I'll count up to twenty, no peeking I swear
Go where you like, I'll find you anywhere.
Or, if rather, you'd like to find me
Then you start counting, and then we shall see.

Oh but you are good, you found me quite fast
Let's try out a race, I'll bet you won't last.
The sun is behind us, I've come in first place,
Now go towards its light, and you'll win the next race.

What a great day, we've had lots of fun.
But evening is closing, and soon I'll be gone.
Be sure to check the weather tomorrow.
We make a great team, you and your shadow.

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