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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lock Keeper Story Update

2010 © Bonnie Watson

Stories claim that when the Englaed Isles were first formed, it was because of countless wars between two brothers fighting for control of the Crown. Once one land mass, now separated, the islands are home to surviors of the last war, their current king, and an elemental-user known as Wick.

As an Ember Mage, Wick decends from a great race of Guardians. To become one himself, he must find a secret worth guarding with his life. When a rock-collecting girl tells him of such, Wick has no choice but to choose the life he thought he was ready for in order to save the Isles, the people he's come to love, and end a rebellious plot to reshape the Englaed Isles as a new kingdom.

At every bend, their are secrets. For one Ember Mage outside his element, it may take more than his own guardian abilities. The key has been forged. The lock has been placed.

The search...has been begun...

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